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COCONUT coffee scrub

… You will love this coffee scrub within a minute. Its exotic scent is simply amazing. COCONUT, right after pineapple, is another exotic fruit that helps in fat burning. It has strong hydrating effects.  Coffee scrub COCONUT will make your skin perfectly refreshed and smooth. It will also protect your skin against sunburn during the summer and during the cold winter; your skin will be protected against the strong frost.


TEA TREE coffee scrub

Is a product typical for Australia. TEA TREE has strong antiseptic and anti-microbial effects. Tea tree coffee scrub will protect you from insects, especially from ticks. The oil contained in the coffee scrub TEA TREE will soothe the skin burned from the sun, relieving you of headaches or joint pain.

Tea Tree

ORANGE coffee scrub

Is a top product from our product line. It boasts a delicious orange flavor. ORANGE coffee scrub has anti-inflammatory effects and can also be used for mild wounds. It is suitable for athletes and active people either men or women, as it soothes tired and aching muscles. Coffee scrub ORANGE is an effective fighter against acne and dermatitis.


LEVANDA coffee scrub

Have magical effects not only on your body but also on your soul. With its irresistible scent, LEVANDA coffee scrub will calm your senses and prepare your body for evening sleep. It will help you get rid of eczema, unite the color of your skin, cure the sore skin, soothe it and smooth out possible skin imperfections.


EUCALYPTUS coffee scrub

is the ideal solution if you suffer from rhinitis, asthma or hay fever. With its specific scent, which people often mistake with peppermint, it helps to ease the course of these diseases. Eucalyptus coffee scrub is suitable for the skin of the face and the whole body. We also recommend using it on feet that cannot get rid of molds. In summer time, EUCALYPTUS coffee scrub will not only refresh you but also protect you from dull insects, as the EUCALYPTUS is a natural repellent.


ORIGINAL coffee scrub

is a product that should not be missed in any bathroom. Why? Because it removes the dead skin cells, it prevents the pores getting stuck and slows the aging of the skin. The skin will be hydrated,  wrinkles will be softened, you will get rid of strips, scars, cellulite and other beauty imperfections. It is suitable not only for the face but also for the whole body. Thanks to its caffeine content, it stimulates the body.


"PÁRTY" coffee scrub

is an ideal “partner” if you are going to a summer party, a barbecue, a disco, a birthday party, or if you just want to make yourself feel and look special and great. In that case, the PARTY coffee scrub  is specially designed for You. With this edition you will feel like a STAR not only over the weekend. It’s only in your hands when you use decide to use PARTY coffee scrub. During the time out, you will shine like a DIAMOND because PARTY coffee scrub contains silver glitter and in addition it will protect your skin. PARTY coffee scrub also helps you fight against wrinkles, stria, acne or scars.

Party edition


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How do I use COFFEE SCRUB to get the best results?

The best results come when you prepare your skin by giving it a warm shower. Immediately, right after opening the package, you will feel a strong coffee scent. That’s because we only work with fresh 100% Arabica coffee. Sprinkle coffee scrub into your palm and start – as we say “scrubbing”! Scrub the whole body with both hands, in different directions and the intensity that suits you (but avoid areas such as eyes, intimate parts, and open wounds!) Focus on the parts you want to heal, such as – cellulitis, stretch marks, acne, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and hyperpigmentation. Leave the coffee scrub on for 3-10 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water, try not to use soap or shower gel. Why? So that the coffee scrub and oils can start working on the renewal of your skin. Dry with a towel. Do you feel how subtle your skin is?

How often should I use COFFEE SCRUB?

We recommend using our coffee scrubs 2-3 times a week. We work with natural ingredients only, therefore you can use coffee scrubs as often as you like. Do not forget – every skin is delicate and unique. If any signs of skin blushing, itching, allergic reaction – stop using coffee scrub for a while, ideally until your skin calms down.

What coffee do you use?

We only work with 100% fresh Arabica coffee. This coffee is roasted by our exclusive supplier in Sydney – just for us – grinded into required thickness – to meet our criteria, such as not irritate your fine  skin and also making sure that coffee grounds and oils will not clog the drain in your bathroom. We’ve done everything right. We thought of everything.

Can I use COFFEE SCRUB on my face?

Yes. Our coffee scrubs are made exclusively only from natural ingredients. You will not find chemicals, stabilizers or fragrances in any of them. Since each skin is different and exceptional, we recommend making the “ Scrub test “. How does it work? Put a small amount of coffee scrub on your hand, leave it on for about 3-10 minutes and watch for signs of redness, itching, burning of the skin. If nothing goes wrong and your body tolerates coffee scrub – you can start scrubbing. If the reaction occurs and your body starts to blush, rust or burn, it is so important to wash the affected area with warm water and not to use coffee scrub again.

NEW edition

for pregnant and breastfeeding women


– original – orange – coconut – tea tree – eucalyptus – lavenda – party


Read, what our customers said about COFFEE SCRUB products.

I have been using coffee scrub for 3 weeks and I have to say, “Oh my God. My skin is completely smooth and became firmer and more flexible. Plus, I love the smell of coffee after opening the pack in the shower. So I give 5 * of 5 * “.


Designer, Sydney, Australia

Initially, I did not want to use coffee scrub. I received it as a gift. The packaging and design was beautiful, but the content itself was not sympathetic to me at all. And especially when I imagined how much mess it will be in my shower after using it … Well, I gave it a go and I changed my mind right after first use. My skin is clean, smooth and the bathroom is properly cleaned.


Sales manager, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Great product. Personally, the consistency and composition is very good, it’s not too greasy and I do not have oily skin. This company obviously knows what to do, how to do it and they do it very well. My favorite product, thank you.


Sales person, Sydney, Australia

When I work, at the end of the day, my whole body is covered in dust (I personally go to construction sites), coffee scrub  is the best bathroom buddy and perfect relaxation for me. It eliminates my skin of all impurities in full detail and I feel like being reborn again.


Architect, Žilina, Slovakia

I use coffee scrub  mainly to smoothen my skin because I do not want to go to chemical peeling. It suits me perfectly. Coffee is grinded into the ideal thickness and it leaves fantastic results on my body which have been visible since the first use. I’m totally happy:]


Police officer, Sydney, Australia

There is a huge amount of products on the market, and I’ve tried almost every single one … Like every woman … My husband says I’m an ideal customer. I love the coffee scrub especially for its scent. I love the smell of coffee. I often do not have the time to sit down and drink a cup of coffee in the morning, so I just have a shower with my coffee scrub. I always start my day  with it.


Custom agent, Žilina, Slovakia