Questions and Answers

In this section you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

We’ve carefully answered all of them to make sure; you will have enough information before you purchase any of our products. If you have come to our website just for curiosity, we believe we will answer all your questions about our world of coffee scrubs.

How do I use Coffee Scrub to get the best results?

If you want to get the best results from using Coffee Scrub, we recommend the following:

1. Start with a warm shower before applying Coffee Scrub – thoroughly, wash your body and face with soap or shower gel. In this way, you will prepare your skin to be able to absorb all the benefits that Coffee Scrub offers. 2. Open the Coffee Scrub Pack and enjoy its irresistible scent. 3. Sprinkle the coffee scrub into your palm and try it first on a small part of your body – for example, on your hand. This is called “Scrub testing” to determine if skin discoloration, pruritus or other irritation occurs. If such a phenomenon occurs, do not continue using the coffee scrub and wash it all off with warm water. 4. Was the “scrub test” OK? Well done! You can sprinkle more coffee scrub into your palm and start massaging your body and face. We also call it scrubbing. Massage / scrub in different directions and the intensity that is pleasant to you. By the time you will work out the amount of coffee scrub you need for next use. There is no exact amount or weight, everyone likes something else. 5. Apply coffee scrub on that part of your body or face where you want to get the desired result. Avoid areas of eyes, intimate areas and open wounds. 6. Leave coffee scrub on your skin for 3-10 minutes. 7. Then wash your whole body and face with clean water (without using soap or shower gel – leaving the water temperature on you completely).


* Get wet * Scrub * Relax * Wash off *

1, Wet your skin; 2. Get the coffee scrub; 3. Massage / scrub coffee scrub into the skin of your face and body; 4. Let it work for 3-10 minutes; 5. Rinse with clean water – without soap or shower gel (for best results); 6. Become prettier, younger, and healthier.

What are the Benefits of using Coffee Scrub?
Using Coffee scrub: 1. Helps blood circulation; 2. Has a stimulating effect on your body and mind; 3. Improves the condition of your skin; 4. Actively fights strikes, wrinkles, acne or scars; 5. Using coffee scrub will make your skin smoother, looks younger and stronger; 6. Has strong antioxidant effects; 7. Will help you get rid of old and dry skin; 8. Cleans pores … and many more.
What type of coffee do you use when manufacturing Coffee scrub?
Coffee is the most important ingredient in Coffee Scrubs, so we have carefully selected our coffee supplier and are not willing to drop the quality just to save on the price of coffee. We work exclusively with fresh 100%Arabica coffee, the one you drink with friends on Sunday mornings. So we know exactly how important it is to choose the best quality coffee. This coffee is roasted and grinded especially for us, according to our requirements, so that we can subsequently secure the best quality Coffee Scrub for you. Summary: The coffee we use is roasted specially for us, grinded to the required thickness. We work exclusively with fresh, 100% Arabica coffee.
Do I have to have dry or wet skin when I want to use Coffee Scrub?
As we already mentioned in the section: “How do I use coffee scrub to get the best results” – we recommend starting with a warm shower – before applying a coffee scrub onto your body. It is best to apply it on a wet skin, to which the coffee grounds literally “sticks” and begins to work. Why use water? Because water activates all the ingredients contained in coffee scrub, which are coffee, Demerara sugar, Epsom mineral salt, oils and helps them penetrate deeper into your skin. Summary: Always apply onto wet skin !!!
What benefits does Coffee Scrub have on my face?
We would like to emphasize that every coffee scrub contain no preservatives or chemicals. They are produced only from the most extraordinary raw materials that have beneficial effects not only on your body but also on your face, which, like all women know, must be treated with most respect. Benefits are: it removes your dry skin, conveys the skin, relieves it of imperfection and redness, it smooth wrinkles or scars, unifies skin color and much more. Note: We always recommend that you have any coffee scrub first tested on a small part of your body to make sure that it doesn’t cause an unpleasant reaction.
How often should I use Coffee Scrub?

We recommend 2 – 4 times a week. But if you use the coffee scrub more often because it suit your skin, it affects you and your skin in a pleasant way, it does not dry out your skin or if it does not irritate it, then you can use it as often as you want.

How much Coffee Scrub is required for single use?
It’s hard to define how much. We can tell you the ideal amount is 9g of coffee scrub but will you know how much it is without weighting it? However, since it is difficult to estimate or know how much 9g is and we do not have the kitchen scale in the shower, we recommend using as much coffee scrub as you feel comfortable with. Everyone likes something else.
How long should I leave Coffee Scrub on (after applying it on my skin)?
We recommend leaving it on for about 3 – 10 minutes. If you do not know how long is 3 to 10 minutes in the shower or bath, we have one simple trick for you. Wait for the coffee scrub on your body or face to dry. Once it starts to fall off your body /face, it’s time to wash it off with warm water.
When will I see first results on my skin?
After first use. We guarantee you will feel and see the difference on your skin. Your skin will be smoother to touch, will feel tighter and will be clearly healthier to look at. Regular use of coffee scrub will bring multiply results and you will feel great.
Is it true that coffee scrub will dry my skin if I use it frequently?
The coffee scrub has been developed and tested to suit the dry skin. Not too dry it even more, just the opposite, hydrate it. The oils contained in the coffee scrub will moisturize your dry skin. Let’s just say, however, that … Everything is harmles and so frequent use of the Coffee scrub can dry your skin. It may or may not. You will find yourself best – by using the Coffee scrub. We recommend using Coffee scrub 2 – 4 times a week.
What is the consumption time and how do I store Coffee Scrub?
Since we do not use any stabilizers or chemicals, coffee scrub is recommended to be consumed within 3 months of opening it. The packaging can be placed in the bathroom on the bathtub or in the shower. Covers, in which coffee scrub is packaged, are waterproof. But be careful not to get too much water inside the pack, because water is a trigger for molding processes and we do not want it … The closed packing has a shelf life of 2 years. Store it in a dry, dark place. Best in the cabinet in the bathroom to be on hand when you decide to use it.
What ingredients do you use to make Coffee Scrub and what are its origins?
We use only the best quality ingredients. We do not use, and you will not find in any of our products any chemicals or stabilizers. It took us a long time to carefully choose our suppliers. Many of our ingredients come from special Australian organic farms that specialize in the production and sale of organic raw materials. We are an Australian company and so all the raw materials and materials we work with are of Australian origin.
Is coffee scrub really made out of 100% natural product?
YES, we can really boast that our products are 100% natural.