Our Philosophy

All of our products are produced with love in our small workshop in Sydney, Australia.  Our philosophy is quite simple, yet it is still incomprehensible to many people in today’s world. We produce cosmetic products not only for financial gain.

Our main goal is to use the raw materials to produce the products that have been given to us from Mother Earth.Without using unnecessary chemicals, without adding preservatives. We believe that natural products are the best not only for the skin of a woman or a man, but also for general health and, of course, for the environment and the Earth as such.None of our products have ever been tested on animals. We both are animal lovers and the idea of testing products on them is causing and giving us unpleasant feelings.

All of our products are tested on “humans”. We are a “CRUELTY-FREE” company that shares its profits with those who need it. We work with various shelters for unwanted, found, salvaged animals, and on a regular basis, we donate $1 of each item sold. Neither the product produced by us contains any ingredient of animal origin and is therefore marked by the label “VEGAN-FRIENDLY” company.

Each coffee scrub is packaged in recyclable, water-resistant packaging. Their content is a blend of perfectly balanced ingredients such as NATURAL OILS, 100% ARABICA coffee, EPSOM mineral salt, DEMERARA sugar. This combination will add to your body the necessary moisture and nutrition while being mindful of your bathroom (it does not clog drains and does not fill it with excess oil).

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