EUCALYPTUS coffee scrub


… is the ideal solution if you suffer from rhinitis, asthma or hay fever. With its specific scent, which people often mistake with peppermint, it helps to ease the course of these diseases. Eucalyptus coffee scrub is suitable for the skin of the face and the whole body. We also recommend using it on feet that cannot get rid of moulds. In summer time, EUCALYPTUS coffee scrub will not only refresh you but also protect you from dull insects, as the EUCALYPTUS is a natural repellent.

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Eucalyptus oil has miraculous effects, here are a few of them:

1.) Helps in muscle pain and rheumatism,
For rheumatism or muscle pain, scrub the affected area with the EUCALYPTUS coffee scrub.

3.) It fights against stress, fatigue and exhaustion,
If you suffer from fatigue, a pleasant eucalyptus scent that has significant stimulating effects on your brain will wake you up. Pleasant relaxation and refreshment can be enjoyed by having a bath with EUCALYPTUS coffee scrub.

4.)Releases clogged cavities,
Have you got a cold or cough? Take few deep breaths of the scent of the EUKALYPTUS coffee scrub while scrubbing your body and face – the nose begins to empty and you continue scrubbing. You might feel a great relief because EUCALYPTUS oil released clogged cavities.

5.) EUCALYPTUS coffee scrub
  is a natural insect repellent,
Are you going to nature and are you afraid of mosquitoes? Give yourself a shower with the EUCALYPTUS coffee scrub and all the mosquitoes will stay miles away from you.

6.) It treats small wounds and burns,
Eucalyptus oil helps wound healing. You will appreciate it in small ranks, burns and bruises.
If the eucalyptus scent seems too intense, try to experiment a bit and mix it with the LAVENDER coffee scrub. You may be pleasantly surprised.



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